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When this gorgeous little lady's mum booked with me and said go wild with pretty pinks and florals, I was so excited to create this beautiful set! I love making and creating!

This little lady was so adorable and the best walker I've seen at 11months old! She definitely gave mum and dad a 5 star work out. She was dancing around the cake like a ballerina. #Photography #Cakesmashphotographer #AllyBarberPhotography

We calibrated her little outfit before the session and how cute does she look.

This session was held in my garden, due to covid changing circumstances, but that didn't stop us from creating a gorgeous gallery of images. #Cakesmash #FLORALS #11months I actually loved the ease of having everything set up and ready for my clients on arrival. I normally recommend little ones are familiar with their surroundings, to ensure they feel safe and settled. That said, little Mia was perfectly settled and extra happy throughout the session. I would say she was one of the happiest bunnies yet!

To make this set extra special, I brought flowers from my local florist #zoe'sflorist. #RealFlowers #Cakesmash #PINKSET The floral rings are hand made by myself, completely personalised with the set, this is available to chosen for your little one! You will notice the extra cute matching 'handmade' headband from my ever growing collection. This maybe something to do with having two boys and my love for pinks and florals!

This MILK BATH #Milkbath #milkbathphotoshoot

How cute is this little tub.

What a lovely set up to have a splash in? With all things pretty.

This is called a milk bath but I actually used warm water and corn starch for the safest method, reducing any allergy risks from lactose or yeast. This bath and milk setup is not only for girls but can be used for boys as well! I love the clear tub so much that Ive brought another shape, so keep following my posts to see my new purchase. If you want to book a session just send me an email or message to arrange a date. This is a once in a lifetime age and when they are not 'one' anymore there little personalities and facial features change and grow! That time can only be dave by memories. Lets save these precious memories together and capture all the sweetest moments.

Love Ally

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