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Booking Your New Born Session & all you need to know.

Booking your Newborn Photoshoot.

You can contact me to book in from as early as your 20 week scan! I would also recommend booking my 'bump to baby' package to get the best discount for 3 sessions.

What happens! I will send you a full break down via email with lots of information you need to know. We the discuss any special requirements and your preferred colour themes or certain props you like from my collection. I want you to love the photos so we need to be clear on what your preferences are, I have a gallery with lots of examples of my work on my Instagram, Facebook and Website for you to reference. I have a particular style and will continue this throughout any session. Of course I'm happy to experiment and try new things, I'm forever buying new items or props to add to my collection.

Scheduling a Date:

So I will pencil in your Due Date and make some notes about your pregnancy, such as scheduled c-section or third baby, this will give me a little more idea of when baby will arrive. The date I pencil in is just for me, once baby has arrived please let me know as soon as you can. We will then scheduled the date of the photoshoot based on my availability, baby's & mummy's health. This is normally around 2 weeks after birth.

The session.

The sessions are usually booked in at either 9.30/ 10:30am. I will spend some time setting up my equipment and getting the props ready. I will then wrap the baby and start my work.

Sessions are baby-led and I allow plenty of time for feeding and comforting. I only do one newborn session a day, therefore, there will be no rush. During the session it is required to be very warm so that baby is comfortable without clothes on. Dress yourself in layers that can be removed if it gets too hot for you, I will also bring a small heater so you wont need to heat the whole house.

I will be playing white noise from an app in the background to help get baby off and hopefully stay in a deep sleep.

I may ask you to ignore a strict feeding schedule rule for the couple of hours at the session. The only way we will achieve these images is if your baby is happy, full and sleeping deeply.

You get to relax throughout the sessions and by all means if you feel comfortable have a well deserved nap.

During the session I may do some filming so i can create a little video of the session.

After the Session.

On the day of the session or the following day I will send over your proof gallery to view. I do alot of my editing in the evening when I have the most child free time!

The images will be 'almost' straight out of the camera, I will edit a few images fully (usually my favorites or your special requests) this will give you a guide of the level of editing that will be applied to all the images you choose/purchase. I will never release unedited photos, they will all be fully edited in my style once you have chosen. It will then take around 2 weeks after you have decided on your images for me to deliver your final gallery & USB/ Prints orders. Your welcome to order more prints or large canvas yourself, just please ask for my recommended print companies.

If you recommend a Friend you will receive a little gift from me for your next session.

Don't wait too long, book in your baby's Sitter session due around 6 months of age. These are adorable and I love to capture your little ones growing.

Thank you

Love Ally

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