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Newborn 8 weeks old.

I love being back photographing Newborns again. Due to the recent lockdowns I have photographed many older Newborns due to not being able to schedule them in. This session was of an adorable little boy 8 weeks old. He was a star for his session and the mum and dad were amazed I managed to get him to sleep and pose him carefully.

Over the course of the lockdowns I invested in online training to perfect my skills and outcomes of my work for each session. Im finally able to put that into practise and Ive defiantly noticed the improvements. I have improved the flow of my session, the props and styling and posing also. There is so much that is considered in a Newborn session, I love every bit!

Here is the little man in a prop with gorgeous colours that compliment his beautiful skin tone.

I love to use matching colours through out the session.

Awake photos are super cute. Even though lots of parents want all the sleepy photos they alwaysALWAYS choose the awake ones, because the details are just stunning. I use this fluffy rug every Newborn session (cleaned), it is just so cute, I think you would agree.

So if you have an older baby and have been told your baby may not sleep, rest assured you will have the most beautiful photos of your baby to put up on the wall. Don't miss this moment, and book in with me or your local trained photographer.

Love Ally

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