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WestSussex Crawley Newborn Session-Reeva

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

What a wonderful little girl! She defiantly made me broody for a baby girl!

This is Reeva, only 10 days old at her Newborn session last week. I travelled to her home with all my special equipment.#mobilephotographer It was extremely windy that day but luckily I didn't get too wet lugging things from my car. Mum had a good birth and was recovering well second time round. She was so happy that she was able to have booked the session with me this time round, as she always regretted missing the chance with her first. Reeva was awake on my arrival, very content in her swing. During the set up in the warm living room with the lovely pink colours and outfits ready mum was giving Reeva a little feed. She fell asleep while I wrapped her in a soft stretchy wrap which replicates her mummy's cosy womb. Well as you can see Reeva was a little angel, very sleepy and extremely content throughout the session.

#crawley #westsussexandsurrey #westsussex

I really love the little outfit she is wearing. Its a beautiful soft pink which was made by my mother in law. The colour suits Reeva perfectly.#pinkromper #newborntoes #newbornbabies #newbubba #tinyfeatures #10daysold

My recently made head bands look adorable on her. They are made from super soft material which can be tied at any length for those gorgeous little heads.

Look at those milk bubble on her sweet lips and the creases in her toes! These are the details that we mustn't forget. And a phone camera will never do it justice, believe me!

Another one of my handmade outfits.#handmadenewbornoutfit #laceoutfit Im crafty & that's just apart of my package. You don't need to worry about things being cute or items not perfectly matching in colour! Ive got it.

Little Reeva did kindly leave me a present in this lacy outfit, all to mum's absolute horror. Luckily I'm completely aware of what these innocent little bubbas can achieve and was well prepared to handle it with no worries. Some well deserved milk settled her back to sleep in a few minutes. Mum kept saying that I had the magic touch, all the while admiring at my patients through each pose. This must have something to do with having two independent young boys! Oh and the outfit was fine! no stains this time.

What a truly beautiful pose. I just love her little toes peaking out and her angel like expression.

Defiantly my favourite of the session. This is called the 'Froggy Pose'! its massively popular in the industry and is loved by so many mums. Although this can't be said for all photographers as some babies just aren't a fan. #froggypose #newbornpose #newbornphotographer To my delight Reeva nailed it with no worries, she was snoozing away with not a peep.

Safety around the 'Froggy Pose' is of the upmost importance. Little newborns do not have the strength to hold themselves in this pose. Not even for a second to take the shot. This is why both these Images have been edited in photoshop to eliminate a supporting hand. Never was Reeva unsupported by mums hand, her head was held taking her weight from her arms and neck, always assuring her airways are clear.

Its only a minute for her in the position with mums helping hand but a magical pose forever on the wall.

Of course I will never force or persist for a baby to be in a position they are uncomfortable or unsettled in. Not every baby are happy to do this pose, some have other ideas, I believe it's down to the odd positions they were happy to be in whilst inside the womb. There are so many fascinating videos available form 4D scans to see what these little monkeys get up to, which gives us moms a great explanation of all those kicks in the ribs and everywhere else!

Here are some images from the gallery. #prettyinpink

If you wish to book your newborn session in with me, it would be my upmost pleasure to have the chance to provide you with stunning photos like these and more! I will be accommodating and caring in every way. As a mummy of two I completely understand the anxiety and extra emotions a newborn can bring. So please trust me and sit with me while I capture those precious moments which change in a matter of weeks! Your welcome to a pre-shoot consolation which helps me understand all your desires, expectations and colours in mind to create your lovely keepsake images!

Dont hestiate to contact me. A booking can be made after your 20week scan right up till baby has arrived. Book early to avoid disappointment. I also offer a Bump to Baby package which includes your stunning bump and adorable bubba at a discounted rate. Vouchers are also available at a preferred price to put towards the package.

Love Ally


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