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Hi everyone! #photographermum #Toddlerlife

Hope you're still managing in this Lockdown. Ive found it's got slightly easier knowing we will be getting back to normal soon. #lockdown #lockdowntoddlers Ive definitely had some crazy mum moments, which are worth laughing about. When you have toddlers and you have to stay home, not go out to soft play or parks. Seeing family and friends for play dates is out the question! and nursery is closed. Well, if you have young children, then your fully aware of how chaotic some days have been. For example, we've done painting, colouring, walked the dog and played with sand in the garden and it's only just lunchtime!. Then other days feel soooooo long, but I still manage to stay up far too late trying to enjoy all my Netflix series that I haven't watched, only to roll into a bed full of crumbs and an empty crisp packet! My husband honestly thought I was going mad when I began hoovering the bed in the middle of the night. #mumlockdownlife #toddlerchaoticdays

We thought it would be the perfect time to re-paint the house seeing as both of us are at home. Great! lets get motivated. The paint only took 6 weeks to arrive, and when it finally did, well you can guess, it was the wrong blooming colour! Now the kids clothes, fingers and elbows have been scrubbed clean nurermous times, so many times that we almost needed a whole extra tin for the patches. But hey, we got there!

The Walks #thewalks #lockdownwalks #mumlife

It truly has been lovely. We have had some awesome sunny weather with only a couple of entertaining thunderstorms. Family walks, and hikes I might add, with toddler backpacks and carriers, has been mind healing. I say mind healing, maybe for the few seconds that I have had the chance to think and listen to the beautiful birds and the wind on the leaves, all before it's interrupted by my 3 year old saying 'hide hide the people with germs are coming!" or the sound of my husband shouting at the dog for rolling in fox P**! Not to mention the burning in my legs from that steep hill carrying a 12kg toddler! But they have, the walks have been great!

Some days are tough and other days I felt like the best, energetic and creative kind mum I hope I am!

I miss my parents and siblings sooo much, not to mention my best friends!

But it's all for our safety, right? I constantly have to remind myself, or just turn on the news!

It's 51 days in lockdown!!!!

So there are plenty more stories I have to share!

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