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Baby Harper, Newborn & Family West Sussex and Surrey Photographer.

This lovely little family booked the Full NewBorn session and you will see just how lovely their gallery is.

Harper session was my last before the 'LockDown' Im so pleased we brought the date forward by a few days. This meant that little harper was only 6 days old after her mummy's C-section. You would not have believed mummy went through a major surgery just a few days before, she is truly stunning. #beautifulmummy

Harper's bigger brother Harley was so gentle, under 2 and he was a star. Just look at his little face. I loved being able to capture the moments at the very beginning. Calm and patient is a must with little toddles. Its not only a difficult time for parents to learn the ropes with two little souls, but also very challenging for their siblings to come to terms with the changes to their routine. From experience, it won't be long at all until things are settled down for them to become the best of friends! #family #newbaby #familyphotoshootcrawley #crawleyphotographer

This little lady was a little pickle, she stayed awake the majority of the shot! to mums and dad disbelief as she has slept continuously in her short time in the world. I believe its a 6 day thing! I continued to work my magic and soon realised she had some trapped wind that I managed to relieve, which enabled me to achieve these gorgeous sleepy photos which all the family will love! There is something truly magical about Parent and baby photos, holding that tiny little body in your arms. Before you know it they grow and change and all of a sudden they are little toddlers running around causing mischief. I think this is why I love this pose so much. It gives us the chance to look back at this beautiful moment in the early days at the very start of this little life. #family #localnewbornphotgrapher #localphotgrapher #nearme #photographywestsussex #westsussexandsurrey

Here are some of the beautiful poses we managed of this little poppet. Even though she insisted on being awake the majority of the session, she finally gave in and slept so peacefully. Each baby is slightly different and prefer a certain position. I never force or put a baby in a position they seem uncomfortable in. I just go with the flow of little bubba and we can't complain about how lovely the results are! #newbornposes #newbornphotography #newbornbaby #sleepypose #mummyandbaby

The gorgeous bucket pose I've been looking forward to shooting. As she was awake we stayed safe with a lovely wrapped pose. Mum loved the mauve colour with a touch of pink. #mauveandpink

Im so looking forward to seeing the prints up on her walls. #newbornbucketpose

This is a very difficult time for everyone right now due to this awful virus that's going around and limiting our daily routines. I hate to think the effect it is having on this lovely family, especially mummy and her toddler. As if a new baby wasn't enough change already. I myself know this all too well with having two monkeys, 3 and under, at home trying to accept the changes we must follow.

So this is why Im setting up a competition to get 'likes & shares' on my blog and Facebook so mum can have the chance to win a Free Image.

Let's help this little family and like the <3 on the blog.... LETS HIT 50 Hearts! Share with your friends to cheer up this mummy! #likeshare #winimages

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