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Newborn Safety! WestSussex photography

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Safety! I thought it's a good idea to ensure your aware of the safety precautions in place during each newborn session. Firstly I can't stress this enough! Your tiny little newborn is the most precious little thing in this world and I will be doing everything to ensure your baby is safe when in my hands.

I have qualified online safety training with posing newborns, I will be therefore monitoring and ensuring your babies safety throughout the session with expertise.

This includes checking the babies temperature, ensuring the airways are clear and correctly positioned, monitoring the circulation to limbs, hands and feet. How to correctly hold a baby when preparing for a certain pose. Placing baby safely inside props that have been weighted down and are free from rough edges.

I have yet to complete my 0-12months first aid training for 2020 as an extra skill, this has been rearranged due to covid, and will be taken at the earliest date available. I always attend training refreshers each year and unsure everything is up to date.

This is what we photographers call the 'Froggy Pose', with the little toes popping out.

As you can see here is an example of how this image is created. A newborn baby is unable to perform this pose without additional support. I have dad or mum help by following my instructions on how to hold baby safely and supportively, Baby is never 'let go' in this pose!

Here mum's hand is taking the weight of baby's head, with out blocking the airways. This takes a few seconds to capture, and can only be done if baby is nice and sleepy.

I will then edit the images together in photoshop.

This is one of the reason to book with a professional photographer, that can achieve stunning images with skills and all the safety precautions needed to keep your baby from harm.

Throughout the session I will always be close to baby or resting a hand, I will never leave them unattended or move to far away. Newborns have a startle reflex which can be powerful enough for baby to move or roll. I have photographed many newborns and will continue to do so safety. In our current times I will be wearing a mask and shield at your request. I always wash my hands on arrival and throughout the session when required. Hand sanitiser is close to me throughout the session.

I will never place baby in a position they are uncomfortable in, sometimes babies need a little pat or rub to get comfy but I will not force or persist. Im very good at reading a baby's cry and can usually tell their needs. I'm extremely considerate with mum's emotions and needs! After birth mum's are full of extra emotions and anxiety and usually when we least expect it. I will ask throughout the session on how your feelings are and if you need a break or a cuddle. I find this very important, even if this means having to cut the session short.

I truly believe the importance of having these photos and I'm completely aware of how much they will mean to parents in years to come! So lets capture these together safely, with a pleasant experience you will treasure.

Your precious little bundles.

Love Ally

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