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New Cake Smash Sets

Ahhh, Im so excited to have had the chance to create some lovely new set ups for some upcoming sessions!

You just wouldn't believe how happy this made me. Some people get happiness from getting their nails or brows done, but me I just love getting creative and bringing my visions to life.

I am now going to be offering these sort of cake smash and splash set-ups from now on. Just send me a message. I absolutely love new ideas to spice things up!

It will be my own little boys 2nd birthday soon, so get ready for another creative set, possibly with fruit!

Here are some lovely new creative designs and sets.

These are some of the requested sets below, a little girls sunflower theme. We are missing a few large sunflowers which are currently growing in my garden. I have a beautiful cream frilly romper to match and mum has excitedly ordered a sunflower head band!

Covid Hygiene routine:

So I have made many changes to my usual routine regarding Cake smash's, this is due to the Coronavirus disturbing our lives. Being safe and following the guidelines, cake smash session are now taking place either in my garden with 2 meters distance, or at a quiet outdoor location that's pre arranged.

I will be putting extra hygiene precautions in place before and after every session.

Everything will be cleaned with disinfectant spray and wipes before and after a session. Fabric items will be washed or steamed, and kept in a cleaned container immediately after. All backdrops and equipment including my stands and camera will be cleaned with a disinfectant.

All hard surfaces in my garden will be cleaned minutes before any clients arrival. Only one session per day will be taking place to ensure cleaning the equipment is most efficient.

All props in any session will be washed/sprayed and steamed where appropriate.

I will not be touching your little one, so parents will be advised to pose baby when required. This does also mean more exercise for you! especially if baby is crawling or walking.

During the session I will be wearing my lovely child friendly mask and gloves where necessary.

I have ensured there is plenty of space in my garden to be following the 2 metre rule. This means I will be using my close-up camera lens to ensure I'm still able to capture those gorgeous smiles and messy little fingers!!

Here is a lovely pink floral set up.

You may notice that I have upgraded my 'number one' to a beautifully hand crafted wooden item brought from a trusted carpenter. It's around 30cm tall and will stand out next to your little monkey.

Fresh flowers will be added to this session on the day. Im very excited to be doing a milk bath using a beautiful clear tub for after.

Jungle theme.

Yes! what baby doesn't love animals! I know both my boys do. So what better way to document those memories at their first birthday. This is going to be an interesting session and I can't wait to get stuck in!

I wonder how many of those freshly washed teddies will end up in the cake!

If you've have your little ones 1st or 2nd birthday coming up and wish to create a beautiful set like these, then don't hesitate to contact me. You deserve a little celebrations with stunning photos of this milestone in their little lives.

Love Ally

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