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I'm Loving being back! I have been so excited to try out my new set ideas. Spending and creating beautiful set ups for your gorgeous little ones! Creating that artwork for you to display on your walls.

I find the first year just flys by. Being a mum of two boys, I truly appreciate time and those important milestones, in the first two years our little babies grow and develop incredibly.

A Cake Smash session is a perfect way to celebrate that first year, as what an incredibly important one, not just for them but for us parents too! We love and cherish them, change our lifestyles and sacrifice our bodies. You deserve these stunning photos for your little ones.

This little cutie Thea was so happy during her session at the beginning of July, so many smiles. #smiles #happybaby #smilesphotoshoot

Me and mum calibrated our ideas of her perfect scene and came up with this lovely Sunflower set.

I love yellow and flowers!

#sunflowers #yellow #Cakesmashphotography

Thea wasn't phased by my bambi mask. She still gave me loads of cheesy grins and laughs. Mum and me were still dancing and singing to get her attention but she ran the show.

Cake! Wouldn't you be happy if you could eat cake and not have a single worry in the world? Yes! ME too.

This set up was done in my garden, I loved the ease and I really enjoyed making it perfect. I'm usually mobile and travel to your homes, but the 'Covid' has changed things. Although, I have actually really enjoyed it and I strive towards my studio dream! Cant wait.

Next up we did the 'Milk Bath' which is becoming overly popular. And I love it. Looks so delicate and pretty. #milkbath #cakesmashandsplash #12months

Im so pleased that I have captured Thea's developing personality that is ever growing, she has no doubt already changed in the last couple weeks. This moment I've captured is now in the passed! Crazy right!

Mum will treasure these beautiful images for so many years to come. This brings me one of the best rewards.

Saving the moment!

If you love this set, Contact me to get booked in. I still have some spaces left for August.

This is such a magical time and you will not regret getting in touch. Check out my other new sets.


Love Ally

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